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One of the tourist attractions of the village are the ruins of the early middle ages fortress of Almas. The ruins can be found north from Lemheny, by the border of Kezdialmas on the top of the mountain called Varerosse, which is 942 m high. The first written document about this building is from 1539. In 1653 the Transylvanian reigning prince, Kemeny Janos spent the night here when he came back from Moldova. According to the local legend the cellar of the fortress was full of gold and diamond, as the Kuruc leader, Nagy Istvan had once hidden his robbed treasures here. In Orban Balazs’s times the Almas fortress was already in ruins, but he listed it right after the fortress of Balvanyos, as the second, because it is the most complete and magnificent fortress ruin in the region.

On the north of Almas there is the main line of the Carpathians, across which we can walk on a wood path to the source of the river Veresviz, which is a branch of the Uz stream. Here we can see the Veresviz moss, a protected botanical reservation, where the arctic moss type, the Sphangum wulfianum can be seen, along with the roundleaved the drosera rotundifolia,  the dryopteris carthusiana, the lingularia siberica and the cranberry. The fauna of densely planted regions is characteristic here too: bears who love cranberries live happily together with the capercailzie.

The Veresviz plateau gives home to the herd of sheep too, so we can see sheep all over the place from early spring till late autumn. The shepherds who keep watch over the sheep are very hospitable, they offer freshly made cheese and other dairy products to the visitors in the peaceful surroundings of the pastures. Those who want to see even more can climb the mountain up to the top, from where there is a great view of the whole region. The view is amazing even on a slightly gloomy day. If one has enough of natural beauties, he can return to the village to learn about the history of the place and about famous people who originated from here.